My Son

My Son

Monday, September 17, 2012

State to pay $4.4 million in landmark settlement

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State to pay $4.4 million in landmark settlement [The Honolulu Star-Advertiser]

Aug. 29--The state has agreed to pay $4.4 million to settle a landmark lawsuit filed by a couple who alleged the Department of Education failed to provide their daughters with appropriate autism-specific services during the girls' formative years in the 1990s.
Attorneys say the suit could have far-reaching implications for other cases filed on behalf of special-needs students who have not received a free, appropriate public education, as federal law requires.
"Clearly, school districts are on notice that a denial of meaningful access for kids can expose them to significant damages," said Susan Dorsey, lead attorney for the Levin Education Access Project, a nonprofit that assisted the family with the case.
"The rest of the country will be looking at this decision. It's a huge victory for children."

Lee's Summit did this to my son.  I wonder if I should sue them.  I know of many other families that have had the same thing happen in Lee's Summit.  Maybe we should all sue them.

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